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Currently globalization has made a very small world that shortened our distances, many young people and adults want to go abroad to carry out a professional or academic activity. Unlike other markets in the rest of the world, in Mexico there are few agencies that specialize in this type of services. Dimi`s Adventure is the only company so far 100% Mexican that allows mobility of national and foreign boys abroad, so Dimi`s Adventure has no borders, it is a proudly Mexican company for the world. The vast experience in visas from different parts of the world and our international agreements help us make possible the dream of many young people.

For Dimi`s Adventure it is important to open the door to more and more young nationals and foreigners the opportunity to have an international experience. And Dimi`s Adventure begins a new stage of expansion by the franchise model. De Dimi`s Adventure is looking for you, a person with vision and entrepreneurs who wants to own your own business. Dimi`s Adventure has designed a franchise model where it will allow you to do your normal lifestyle, since all the administrative and operational burden we do.

Why buy a Dimis Adventure Franchise?

You will not have to knock on doors, Dimis Adventure will provide you with support at all times, as a whole team of professionals with international experience supports you.

You will have the support of all our specialized personnel in their different areas.

You will have access to work with internationally renowned companies and schools and you will have the highest commission on the market GUARANTEED.

You will have access to the Dimis Adventure platform where you can have control of your clients, see statistics and information so that you have control of your own business.

You will have constant training and you will have an agent accreditation from the Australian embassy.

You can take international trips to visit business partners and clients.

The Dimis Adventure franchise model is easy to operate, requires a minimum of two people and the cost of the franchise is the cheapest on the market.

Dimi's Adventure Provides the best customer service

  • Personalized attention in 18 different languages, with a team of foreigners and nationals all with international experience.
  • 24/7 service.
  • Full service in formalities in placement in a summer camp, enrollment in a school, or acceptance for a professional practice.
  • Advice for legal procedures for visas, permits, passports, etc.
  • Search for accommodation in residences and families.
  • All programs provide insurance for international medical expenses.
  • All programs are paid for by participants.
  • Flight purchase assistance at the lowest prices on the market.
  • We offer payments to months without interest.
  • Assistance before, during and after the experience abroad
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